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A Great golf adventure

Dear Supporting Partner!

In 2017, our company hosted the GCT Holding Golf Tour 5-stations golf tournament for the first time, offering a cultural and gastronomic experience in one piece. Our goal was to launch a series of programs in our country, whose quality reaches the level of the major European and American tours. Determination came from the faith that this sport also represents: “providing a high level of service to both our players and our partners”.

Along with all the beauty and excitement of golf, our competitions were also social events, as they provided an excellent opportunity to make new connections, strengthen old relationships, and as a family activity they connected several generations. Our cooperating partners contributed to the success of our competition with their appearance and services, thus increasing the diversity of our event. Thanks for this, we have been receiving a lot of positive feedback still coming to this day, and thanks to which our competition will be organized in 2018 as well, expanded with new surprises.

We would like to say a special thank you to Elite Gold for its support during the tournaments, that they were continuously assisting the refreshment of players and participants in the summer heat.

GCT Golf Tour